Environmental Management System

Jagadamba Press has taken the following measures to protect the environment and keep waste levels down:

  • Whenever possible, Jagadamba Press uses FSC-Certified paper, soy-based inks and other environmentally sound consumables.
  • Jagadamba Press uses chemicals complying with international regulations on solvents and emissions, i.e., largely water-based, biodegradable washing agents with flash points above 60¬∞ C, occasionally 40¬∞ C, and solventless lamination and binding consumables. Inks, washing agents and other chemicals are being stored in safe storage places, are clearly labelled as such, and are being kept under lock and key excluding access by non-authorised personnel.
  • Paper is being stored and used according to strict procedures as to minimize waste. Paper waste is collected for recycling.
  • Used aluminium printing plates and ink containers are collected for recycling.
  • Fountain solution is regulated and regenerated by means of a filtration and regenerating unit, thus reducing the use of isopropyl alcohol (IPA). We continuously strive for keeping IPA levels in all presses as low as possible.
  • Cooling water for the dampening rollers of the printing press is recycled by means of a pumping and control unit, thus reducing the use of water and energy. Rain water is collected at several points of the Jagadamba premises and directed into the company as well, thus further reducing the use of tap water.
  • Recycled cleaning rags are used for the cleaning of presses and working spaces, and are burnt after usage.
  • The accuracy of this declaration is verifiable by the installations and procedures in place, and can be substantiated by receipts, invoices and specifications from the suppliers and subcontractors involved.

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