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Mitsubishi Diamond 3000 5C

Mitsubishi Diamond 3000 5C In the year since the acquisition of the state-of-the-art Mitubishi Diamond 3000 5+C Jagadamba press has more than doubled the volume of work.
Clients are gradually availing of the fifth-colour and online coating facility that the Mitsubishi is able top provide. Customer satisfaction with the results is very high, and awareness is spreading in the market about the need for a coated surface for covers and colour prints. In addition, Jagadamba has also added an offline thermal coating unit to do glossy and matted coating for the covers of finished products. This is in addition to the spot varnishing unit which has become very popular.
The new equipment and their versatility has meant that Jagadamba has been breaking new ground with printing most of Nepal's trekking maps, magazines like Boss, Shangri-la, books like nepa-laya's 'Never Again' and reprints of 'A People War', large billboard size posters for feature films like Sano Sansar as well as the annual reports of banks, school and college brochures.